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Chondrus Crispus Flower Extract

Benefits: Hydration, Anti-Aging
Categories: Plant Extracts, Antioxidant

Chondrus crispus, also known as red algae, is a type of seaweed that’s a rich source of many nutrients for skin, including the pigment beta-carotene and potent antioxidants zeaxanthin, lutein, which help protect skin from the visible effects of blue light exposure. Of course, the antioxidants in red algae have wider-reaching benefits, too.

The natural polysaccharides, peptides, and amino acids in red algae also help skin to stay hydrated; meanwhile, the numerous antioxidants in this and other types of algae can help shield skin from damaging airborne pollutants.

Chondrus crispus contains a compound known as carrageenan, which forms a flexible film on skin that offers further defense against environmental stressors.

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